Avoiding wrinkles in the fondant

The wrinkles in the fondant are formed when the fondant is in open are for too long, which causes it to dry out. This usually happens when we work too slowly - working faster will prevent the wrinkles from forming. In addition, if there isn't much moisture in the air where you live it's possible to turn off the air conditioner or work further away from it. 

Achieving dark colors in the fondant

Sometimes when trying to achieve dark colors in fondant, like red, black, blue, etc., it's hard to achieve the deep, dark shades. For these colors it's recommended to buy the fondant in the colors you'd like to use, and then strengthen the shade using gel food colors.

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Baking a tall and impressive cake

To make a tall cake with sharp, straight edges, use a ring instead of a regular baking pan.

A ring is a thick, metal baking pan with no bottom. Its structure allows for a different kind of heat transfer which makes the cake taller than it would be using a regular pan.

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Attaching fondant decorations to your cake

Creating colorful fondant decorations is a great and easy way to making a thematic cake. But what's the best way to attach them securely so that they don't fall?

For flat, small decorations you can use a bowl with a bit of water, apply the water to the decoration using a clean paint brush, and secure them to the cake. It's important to use just a bit of water, otherwise the decoration might slide off of the cake.

For attaching slightly bigger, dried out decoration either use royal icing or mix a pinch of CMC with a bit of water, mix them up and use the mixture like glue.

For big decorations consider securing them to the cake using a toothpick or skewer, but don't forget to tell your guests that they're there!

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